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Moving Day Musts

Start early. Do not think you can sleep in and get everything done before the movers arrive. You will want at least a few hours lead time so you can have your breakfast and get prepared for the day ahead.

The Self Storage Boom: Unanswered Questions

Best estimates state that there is 2.35 billion square feet of self storage space in the United States. With almost 60,000 facilities spread across 30,000 companies, it seems to be a competitive industry and the top 5 companies control only 9% of the market. Compare this to other industries where a cozy cartel rule the roost and you find that self storage companies need to be of the highest quality to keep their customers happy.

Mutual Exchanges for Social Housing Tenants

Traditionally, there have been many reasons why a tenant may wish to undertake a mutual exchange whether: to be closer to family; secure work; break up of a relationship; or maybe the property is no longer suitable due to ill health or the cost of maintenance. In recent months the government has announced a cap on housing benefit whereby unoccupied rooms will no longer attract full housing benefit. This particularly affects those who have brought up their children in the family home and the children have grown up and acquired their own homes.

Communities to Include in Your Hilton Head Island Property Search

Hilton Head features some of the most prized coastal territories in the world. From the private, elite neighborhoods of Wexford and Long Cove to the bustling recreational communities that comprise the Palmetto Dunes Resort, the area has something to offer almost every homebuyer. However, so do some of the areas that surround it, and their homes may cost less than ones you find in on the island.

I’m Moving – Simple Steps to Follow

What is moving consisted from, what encounters will one face along the line that he should be aware of. A guide what the average person has to go through told in a slightly rough way.

Moving to Latin America

As the expat community around the world continues to grow there is renewed interest in Latin America as more and more people look to escape the European economic downturn. This renewed interest in the region has increased economic activity across the board and many Latin American countries are now better placed than ever before to benefit from the eventual worldwide economic upturn. So what are the more prosperous areas of Latin America for you to look at?

Should You Learn Spanish to Live in Mexico?

As the expat community continues to grow more and more people are now looking towards Latin America and in particular countries such as Mexico. Thankfully the Internet has given more people access to information, services and general assistance with regards to a potential move to Mexico but one subject is discussed time and time again. Should you learn Spanish if you are looking to live in Mexico?

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