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A Task-List and Schedule for Moving

You are excited to be moving to a new home, but you have so many things to do. Having a task-list and schedule for the big event will help you prepare for the move without unnecessary worry. Check storage facilities if you believe that you will need storage room and gather packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and marking pens.

Is Your Moving and Packing Company Cheating You? 3 Tell-Tale Signs

Not all moving companies can be trusted. You have to take time in finding the best movers and packers in the market.

Removals – Top Packing Tips

Moving home is apparently one of the most stressful things we will go through. Hopefully, with a little bit of organisation and these added packing tips from a removals company will help you along the way to a stress free and smooth moving day.

Some General Tips to Assist You With a Smooth and Efficient House Clearance

House clearance tips. Avoiding the pitfalls, and the cowboys. What to expect, how much should it cost, insurance etc.

Deciding On The Right Neighborhood

A neighborhood is a vital part of choosing where to live. The perfect location is the right house in the right neighborhood. Don’t make the common mistake of viewing these goals separately. The right house in the wrong neighborhood is a bad choice. Don’t allow your strong desires to cloud the reality. That may seem easier said than done, so here are some steps to help you realize it:

Do You Need to Contact Moving Companies?

If you are about to move homes you should take a minute to consider whether to contact moving companies or not. They can greatly ease your moving process and save you both time and money.

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Timaru

Nestled comfortably in the south of the Canterbury region, Timaru is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems just waiting for you to discover. As property prices are being driven up around the main centres and families want to focus more on themselves and having a better lifestyle, New Zealanders are beginning to move away from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in search of something new. If you’re looking to escape the stress that comes with city-life but don’t want to end up living “too rural”, Timaru is the perfect location.

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